Thesis editing

Is this service right for me?

This service is suitable once your doctoral or masters thesis is complete — that is, once the thesis content and structure have been finalised. The service is provided in accordance with the IPEd Guidelines for Editing Research Theses.

What is included?

Choose from the following services:

Thesis copyediting
  • Correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Check for clarity of expression
  • Ensure that citations and references conform to required referencing style
  • Ensure consistency in capitalisation, abbreviations and expression of numbers
General formatting
  • Apply your university’s thesis presentation guidelines
  • Create and apply styles to headings and body text
  • Create and/or format the table of contents
  • Create and/or format the title page
Reference integrity
  • Check that each work cited appears in the reference list
  • Check that each entry in the reference list is cited at least once
  • Check accuracy of footnote cross-referencing
  • Check that each reference appears to be complete
Figure and table formatting
  • Check that any statistical tables conform to APA (or other relevant) style
  • Create lists of figures and tables based on captions
  • Redraw figures or tables that lack clarity, legibility or consistency
  • Ensure that tables are not split over pages unnecessarily


Pricing is based on your requirements and the thesis length. To request a quote, please email Lilla the following details:

  1. Which services do you require (from the table above)?
  2. What is the total word count of your thesis (including references)?
  3. What is your referencing style and your discipline?
  4. What is your submission deadline?

In addition, please attach the thesis or, if that is not possible, a representative chapter.

How long does it take?

Please allow two weeks for the editing.