Thesis editing

Is this service right for you?

This service is suitable once your doctoral or masters thesis is complete — that is, once the thesis content and structure have been finalised. The service is provided in accordance with the IPEd Guidelines for Editing Research Theses.

What is included?

Thesis copyediting includes:

  • Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Check for clarity of expression
  • Ensure consistency in capitalisation, abbreviations and expression of numbers
  • Ensure that citations and references conform to your specified referencing style (eg AGLC, APA, OSCOLA)


Pricing is based on the thesis length and your requirements. To request a quote, please email Lilla the following details:

  1. the total word count of your thesis (including references)
  2. your referencing style and your discipline
  3. whether your thesis uses referencing software (eg Endnote, Mendeley)
  4. your submission deadline.

In addition, please attach (or provide a link to) the draft thesis, so that I can provide an accurate estimate of the work involved. If that is not possible, please attach a representative chapter. All client materials remain confidential.

How long does it take?

Copyediting a doctoral thesis generally takes two weeks (full-time). A masters thesis generally takes a week and a half.

These time frames reflect the work involved in carefully reading the thesis, line by line, to check that each sentence conveys its meaning clearly and grammatically and that references and textual elements conform to your discipline’s referencing and style conventions.


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