Is this service right for you?

Proofreading is suitable if your document has been copyedited and formatted. It is a quality control step that involves examining the document in final layout to check that it is ready to be published. Sometimes this format is Microsoft Word, but more often it is PDF or hard copy.

Note: Proofreading is sometimes confused with copyediting. Is copyediting what I need?

What is included?

Integrity check

  • Check that the document is complete
  • Check preliminary matter (preliminary pages, copyright and publication information)
  • Check body of document (abstract, text, tables, figures, labels and captions, footnotes and endnotes)
  • Check end matter (appendixes, lists of abbreviations and symbols, glossary, references, index)
  • Check headings, pagination, figures and tables against lists of contents


  • Check for conformity with the house style or a style sheet
  • Check for spelling, typographical or punctuation errors
  • Check for appropriate word breaks at ends of lines
  • Check for accurate cross-referencing
  • Check type specifications


  • Check page layout
  • Eliminate any widows, orphans or rivers
  • Check that tables are not split unnecessarily, and that alignment and spacing are correct

Verification of copy

  • Check against previous copy for discrepancies
  • Check that all amendments have been accurately inserted


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