Is this service right for you?

Copyediting is suitable if your document’s structure and content are complete. It is detailed editing for consistency, accuracy and completeness. (If your document is still in development or needs significant rewriting, see Substantive editing instead.)

What is included?

Appropriate use of language

  • Check for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Check for clarity of expression
  • Lightly reword to ensure meaning is clear
  • Ensure language and structural parallelism


  • Apply a house style or create a style sheet
  • Ensure consistent use of terminology
  • Ensure consistency in capitalisation, abbreviations and expression of numbers
  • Ensure consistent and appropriate format (typography, heading hierarchy, page layout, captions)

Accuracy and referencing

  • Check the accuracy of dates, names, URLs
  • Check accuracy of cross-references
  • Check conformity and completeness in references and quotations
  • Check that sources have been acknowledged.


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