Academic books


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  • Bishop, Kate and Nancy Marshall (eds), Routledge Handbook of People and Place (Routledge)
  • Blay, Sam, Andrew Gibson and Bernadette Richards, Torts Law: In Principle (Lawbook Co., 4th ed)
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  • Kyriakakis, Joanna et al, Contemporary Australian Tort Law (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)
  • Oberin, Colin and Ben Fitzpatrick, Practical Guide to Australian Trade Mark Law (Lawbook Co.)
  • O’Sullivan, Chris and Carolyn Rolls, Practical Guide to Australian Patent Law (Lawbook Co.)
  • Sin, Kam Fan (ed), Legal Explorations: Essays in Honour of Professor Michael Chesterman (Lawbook Co.)
  • Sorenson, Andrew and Matthew Webster, Trade Practices and the Internet (Lawbook Co.)
  • Tunstall, Ian, International Securities Regulation (Lawbook Co.)
  • White, Michael and Aladin Rahemtula (eds), Sir Samuel Griffith: The Law and the Constitution (Lawbook Co.)


  • Barnett, Katy and Sirko Harder, Remedies in Australian Private Law (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed)
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  • Twomey, Anne, The Veiled Sceptre: Reserve Powers of Heads of State in Westminster Systems (Cambridge University Press)

Chapters in edited books


  • Alsayyad, Nezar, ‘Consuming heritage or the end of tradition: Challenges in the transition from vernacularism to globalization’ in Kate Bishop and Nancy Marshall (eds), Routledge Handbook of People and Place (Routledge)
  • Aroney, Nicholas, ‘Griffith’s vision of Australian federalism’ in Michael White and Aladin Rahemtula (eds), Sir Samuel Griffith: The Law and the Constitution (Lawbook Co.)
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  • Callinan, Ian, ‘Griffith as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia’ (White and Rahemtula)
  • Chao, Tzuyuan and Yun Chou, ‘Exercise space planning and design for an aging society: A case study of space, exercise behaviour and cognitive function of older women in Taiwan’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • Corkery, Linda, ‘Urban greenspace: Places supporting urban resilience’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • Crommelin, Laura, ‘Making place by making things again? How artisanal makers are reshaping place in post-industrial Detroit and Newcastle’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • Duffy, Michelle, ‘Festival bodies: The role of the senses and feelings in place-making practices’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • Easthope, Hazel at al, ‘Diversity in density: Encouraging participation in higher density living’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • Fincher, Ruth, ‘Pushing diversity beyond recognition’ (Bishop and Marshall)
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  • Jackson, David, ‘Griffith and the Australian Constitution’ (White and Rahemtula)
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  • Thompson, Susan and Louise McKenzie, ‘Resilience in a warming climate: Public place-making for health and wellbeing in hot cities’ (Bishop and Marshall)
  • van den Nouwelant, Ryan, ‘Place-based activism: Out of the frying pan of citizen disengagement and into the fire of territorial localism?’ (Bishop and Marshall)