Academic articles


  • Behavioural responses to corporate interest deductibility rules (National Tax Journal)
  • Boundary conditions of a flanged cylindrical pipe (Journal of Sound and Vibration)
  • Corporate social responsibility and gender studies (Journal of Business Ethics)
  • Emerging information technologies (Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal)
  • Enforceable undertakings and the courts (Company and Securities Law Journal)
  • Facilitative dispute resolution questioning techniques (ADR Bulletin)
  • History of corporate social reporting (James Cook University Law Review)
  • Impact of mediation process on perceptions of fairness (ADR Bulletin)
  • Internal debt and multinational profit shifting (British Tax Review)
  • Legal problems arising from emerging technologies (Deakin Law Review)
  • Sound absorption by an orifice plate in a flow duct (Journal of Acoustical Society of America)
  • Spatial metrics and cellular automata (Automation in Construction)
  • Taxation of multinational entities (World Tax Journal)
  • The ACCC’s use of enforceable undertakings (University of Tasmania Law Review)
  • The civil collaborative law movement (ADR Bulletin)
  • The Italian mediation law reform (ADR Bulletin)
  • Theory of acoustic flow measurement (Journal of Acoustical Society of America)
  • Unconscionability concepts in Chinese and Australian law (Journal of Comparative Law)
  • Use of digital planning tools in urban development (ISPRS Annals)
  • Urban typologies and smart cities (Geoforum)
  • Using alternative dispute resolution in cross-border disputes (ADR Bulletin)

Academic essays


Published in Kam Fan Sin (ed), Legal Explorations: Essays in Honour of Professor Michael Chesterman:

  • Brendan Edgeworth, Law and ‘the politics of redistribution’
  • Carolyn Penfold, Local control over global technology: State attempts to control internet content
  • Daniel Stepniak, Cameras in courts: For whose benefit?
  • Eric Barendt, Interests in freedom of speech: Theory and practice 
  • Graham Moffit, Charity, politics and ideology: A journey from Bowman to Brecht?
  • Ian Freckelton, Sub judice contempt law reform: The Chesterman Report in historical perspective
  • John Dewar, Imputed trusts and family disputes: A tale of two jurisdictions
  • Kam Fan Sin, Equitable negligence: Tentative thoughts from landmarks
  • Mary Chiarella, Acknowledging the reciprocal defence of reliance: Letting go of the coat tails and apron strings
  • Paul Redmond, ‘Emerging from the chrysalis of apprenticeship’: Rethinking objectives in law school education
  • Reg Graycar, Putting gender on the damages agenda: Michael Chesterman’s contribution to accident compensation 

Trade journal articles

Commissioning and developmental editing

  • 450 articles on in-house legal practice (Inhouse Counsel)
  • 50 articles on corporations law and practice (Corporation Practice)